Transformer DXL

Our Transformer Teardrop Unit redefines outdoor adventure with its advanced design and premium options. Featuring a compact 72” x 124” cabin, an overall length of 190”, and a lightweight build under 1700 pounds, it offers exceptional performance and convenience on any terrain. With features like an Eco Flow Delta 2 power unit, all-aluminum construction, and optional enhancements like a rooftop tent and 200W solar panels, this unit ensures you travel in style and comfort, whether off-grid or at a campsite.

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Unmatched efficiency, durability, and space-saving design that helps transform the way you go off-roading.

Introducing our cutting-edge Transformer Teardrop Unit, engineered to revolutionize your energy management. This state-of-the-art unit boasts many standout features including the ECO Flow Delta 2 power unit, all aluminum craftsmanship and a sturdy roof rack to enhance your adventures.

Eco Flow Delta 2 Power Unit
All Aluminum
Aluminum Roof Rack with Sliver Vein Powder Coating



All our features help give a comfortable experience.

Eco Flow Delta 2 Power Unit

Eco Flow Unit.

All Aluminum

Entirely wood free.

Aluminum Matte Black Cabinetry

Premium Cabinetry

Aluminum Utility Tongue Box with Pull-out Storage

Aluminum utility tongue box with pull out storage

Aluminum Roof Rack with Sliver Vein Powder Coating

Aluminum Roof Rack with Sliver Vein Powder Coating

Pull Out Storage Tray

For fridge/freezer/cooler


Get the specifics.

Weight: Under 1700 LB (base model with standard options)
Weight: Under 2000 LB (base model with all add-on options)
72" x 124" Cabin Size
190" Overall Length
Ground clearance: 17" (without fresh tank) and 14" (with fresh tank)
3000 LB Torsion Axle


We have options that matter.

Rough Country Tent

2 to 3 person roof-top tent. Rated for 660lbs. Includes strip light & 12v charging port.

Pop-Up Privacy Shower/Tent

Hot Water Heater

6 liter on demand hot water heater with bracket.

Solar Panel

200 watt solar panel.


Sit under shade.

Eco Flow Delta 2 Max Power Unit

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